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There are many young exceptional musicians writers and visual artist. We love to do our art work seriously and would like to be seen, heard and appreciated on higher levels. 

Enoit is movement that presents high level artist (musicians, writers, visual artist and any other creative ideas on a higher level). At the moment we started recoding projects of our own

that we would like to complete and present on our label. 

On January 7th, Enoit presented seven bands with the Young artists of today.

 Antoine Roney Trio

     Kojo Roney - Drums

     Marlon Martinez - Bass


  Kojo Roney Trio 

      Tony Davis - Guitar

      Marlon Martinez - Bass


Saadi Zain Quartet

     Emilio Modeste - Tenor 

     Malick Koly - Drums

     Tony Davis - Guitar


     Emilio Modeste Trio

             Timothy Angulo - Drums 

              Dylan Reis - Bass


      Malick Koly Trio

              Tomoki Sanders - Tenor

              Jason Clotter - Bass


Mike Boone & JD Allen Quartet

        Mekhi Boone - Drums 

        Tony Davis - Guitar 


Darrell Green Quintet

         Wallace Roney Jr - Trumpet 

         Elijah Easton - Tenor

         Jordan Jj Young - Alto

         Tom DiCarlo - Bass


Enoit Records is A production company for young artists to have the opportunity to be able to be seen + heard in films, records and performances. 




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